How you can teach your child to do cartwheels

How you can teach your child to do cartwheels

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I remember perfectly the day I decided teach my daughter to do cartwheels. I lay on my back on the bed and in the attempt to do the somersault in the best possible way and very slowly so that she could follow my movements, I ended up hurting my neck, to the point that I had to go to the emergency room because not he managed to move his neck. Well, well ...

In the emergency room, they put me in a collar to immobilize my neck and I was like that for a few days. But the best part of all this is that my daughter, with only what I have tried to teach her,caught doing his cartwheels quickly. Children are extremely agile and learn everything the first time!

In any case, if your child wants to learn to do cartwheels, follow a few tips so that he learns to do it both forwards and backwards, with patience, confidence and security. You can have a very, very fun time with him.

1- The first thing is to learn to do the cartwheel forwards since it is the natural precursor to turning back.

2- Consider the age of the child. From the age of 4 or 5, in general, children are ready to do cartwheels since at this age they already have more perception of direction. There are younger children who do manage to do them, but most of the time they turn to the sides, to the left or to the right.

3- First step: the child on a mat (or in other cushioned material), with his head upside down and resting on the floor, his knees bent and resting on his chest. At the same time, you should rest your hands on both sides of your head, palms down, at the level of your ears.

4- Step two: ask the child to stay on their knees, bend your knees, arch your back into a ball, bend your knees and use them to propel the movement forward. You will see that your body will naturally do the forward cartwheel.

5- For the backflip you should ask the child to lie on his back on the mat, to extend his legs behind his head and support his hands with the palms up at the level of the ears. Ask him to push backwards using his legs and hands. Naturally the cartwheel will come out. With practice, the child will be doing cartwheels with more speed.

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