CU CU sang the frog

CU CU sang the frog

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. has selected videos for the whole family to have fun, and learn at the same time. With criteria of quality and seriousness, we have made a video of one of the favorite songs of babies and children. Apart from that precious video, we also have the best videos to educate and train fathers and mothers, in this difficult task that is taking care of the education and health of our children.

Show this video to your child and learn to sing it with him, so you can have a very entertaining and fun time. Children's songs not only entertain as they educate children.

Cucu cucu

Cucu cucu

Cu cú the frog sang

Cu cu under the water.

Cu what a gentleman happened

Cu cú with cape and hat.

Cu what happened a lady

Cu cú with tail suit.

Cu what happened a sailor

Cu cú selling rosemary.

Cu cú asked him for a bouquet.

Cu cú did not want to give.

Cu cú and he started to cry

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