Talking about rights with children

Talking about rights with children

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It is clear that children are the protagonists and the center of the objectives regarding the application of their rights; they are the most important beneficiaries. But it is also clear that his interest in rights issues will depend on the age of the child, as well as the way in which parents and / or educators approach the issue with him.

Help children understand their rightsIt is not such an easy task. But it is everyone's job. It does not mean that they should be forced to make decisions or positions for which they are not prepared because of their age. It is necessary for parents and / or educators to address the issue step by step with the child, giving priority to the rights that are consistent with the level of their development. That is, you should avoid mentioning or discussing issues that children do not understand, respecting their limitations and not insisting when the child does not show interest.

The interest and response to the topic will depend a lot on the age of the child. There will be variations of opinion among a child who is three, six, nine, or twelve years old. Teaching by parents should be taught naturally and not always and only verbally, but with examples that can be introduced into daily life, while letting the child know of their rights. In other words, the education that parents give their children considers their most basic rights.

Helping children understand their rights does not mean that they stop having responsibilities. Rights also imply responsibilities and commitments. Example: the right to equality favors your child but also the children around him and others. The same thing happens with the right of opinion. And so it goes with the others. Demonstrating with words and actions that your child has rights will provide a solid foundation for his life to develop in a spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity.

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