Soup recipes for children

Soup recipes for children

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Soup is an ideal dish for the cold months, for those who like legumes and spoon dishes or to get children to eat vegetables. And is that this dish is usually cooked based on vegetables and legumes. brings us many and varied recipes for stews and teaches us ways to prepare them since, according to different regions or countries, they are usually prepared in one way or another. They are soupy dishes and the waking stew is very typical in Easter week.

These are some of the most typical stews to cook for children. Follow our nutritious, healthy and very complete recipes. And if you prepare them a day before eating, they will be even better. Enjoy your meal!

Vigil Potaje. Traditional recipe. Traditional recipe for vigil stew. our site teaches us how to make Lenten stew, step by step. Traditional recipe of chickpea, spinach and cod stew. Easter recipes for children.

Bean stew with chard. Recipe for bean stew with chard. our site proposes us to prepare a healthy and very nutritious recipe for children. The bean stew with chard is a simple, vegetarian recipe for children and perfect for a complete meal.

Chickpea stew with ham. Chickpea stew recipe with vegetables and ham. Simple chickpea stew with carrots and ham. easy recipe for chickpea stew with carrots and ham. A light, simple and very healthy recipe for children's diet.

Stew of red beans and vegetables. Red bean stew with vegetables recipe for children. How to make a vegetarian stew for children, step by step. Traditional stew recipe, very rich in vitamins, fiber and iron. An ideal dish for days with low temperatures.

Chickpea stew with cod. How to make the recipe for cod with chickpeas for Easter. A traditional recipe for Good Friday, this chickpea and cod stew that complies with the tradition of not eating meat. our site invites us to prepare a gastronomic luxury. Spoon food for children and the whole family.

Fabes with Clams. Fabes recipe with clams for children. our site proposes a typical recipe from Asturias, Spain, ideal for the food of children and the whole family. Easy and simple recipe to make.

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