The man, the boy and the donkey. Children's stories about parents

The man, the boy and the donkey. Children's stories about parents

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To instill the habit of reading in a child, they must start from a very early age with the reading of children's stories. Children they must associate reading as a fun and desirable activityTherefore, it is best to share reading time with them.

Since We encourage you to read these stories about parents with your children. In them you will find stories where the story revolves around the relationship of parents with their children. In this way, the smallest of the house will learn some social values ​​at the same time that they will begin to feel curiosity and a taste for reading.

A man and his son once they were going with their donkey on the way to the market, while they were walking by their side a country man passed by who said: 'what is the donkey for if not to ride on?'.

So the man put the child on the donkey and they went on their way, but soon a group of men passed by, one of them said: 'Look at that lazy young man, he lets his father walk while he rides comfortably.'

So the man who ordered the boy to come down, and he got on, but they hadn't gone very far when two women passed, one of them said to the other: 'What a shame that lazy jerk as you let your poor son walk while he rides the donkey. '

Well, the man did not know what to do, but at last he took his child and put him in front of him on the donkey. By then they had reached the city, and passersby began to taunt and target them. The man stopped and asked what they were making fun of and the men said:

'Aren't you ashamed of the burden that the poor donkey carries with you and your son?'

The man and the boy got out and the man tried to think what to do. He thought and thought, until at last they cut off a stick, tied the donkey's feet to it, and raised the stick and the donkey on his shoulders, they went amid the laughter of all those who saw them pass until they reached the Market Bridge, when the donkey, with one of its feet loose, slipped and fell on the river, which caused the face of all the citizens.

'That will teach them,' said an old man who had followed them.

Moral of Guiainfantil: Don't try to please all the people, because that way you will never please anyone.

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