Myths about morning sickness in pregnancy

Myths about morning sickness in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is full of myths. There will be no mother who does not want to give you advice about it, nor a grandmother who does not remind you that the shape of the gut has to do with the sex of the baby.

You may also be 56% of women who experience nausea in the first months of pregnancy, so the homemade recommendations will be double. They will make you drink all kinds of concoctions to end those horrible dizziness, you may even end up with a coin in your navel because it will be the only way you can survive vomiting; And you, really desperate, are willing to do whatever.

Well thenon our site we are going to reveal the most famous myths about morning sickness, so that you do not fall into the temptation to do strange things.

1- All pregnant women suffer morning sickness. It is not true, only 60% suffer from it, and although it is not a low percentage, the truth is that having dizziness and vomiting does not mean that we are pregnant, perhaps you should go to the doctor since there may be other factors that promote it, such as cervical contractures or ear problems.

2- Morning sickness is only morning sickness. Unfortunately for us, the dizziness that they say they have in the morning is not only limited until lunchtime, but it is not strange to find many women who suffer from them throughout the day, and even at night.

3- The nausea will disappear at three months of gestation. This is not always the case either. There is a small percentage of women who after the first cycle of pregnancy continue to have dizziness and vomiting. Although only 26% of women who have dizziness in pregnancy were accompanied by vomiting.

4- If you have more nausea, it will be a girl. Despite the fact that a study revealed that 55% of pregnant women with nausea gave birth to a girl, the truth is that there is nothing that can reliably support this theory.

5- If you have a lot of nausea, they will be twins. Although it is suspected that the cause of morning sickness is the hormone beta-HCG, and in the case of twins this hormone is secreted at much higher levels, the truth is that the reason for the nausea is not known for sure. that there are other hypotheses they attribute it to a genetic factor or to the lack of Zinc.

6- Nausea and vomiting harm the fetus. Completely false, moreover, a study carried out by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, in the United States, has revealed that women who presented these symptoms suffered a lower risk of suffering an unwanted abortion.

7- You can not do anything against it. Although they don't usually recommend anti-seasickness pills, something can always be done. It is best to rest, drink plenty of water, avoid cold and sweet drinks, eat small portions, drink ginger tea, and be patient, after all, it is for a good cause.

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