Sex games between children, how to react?

Sex games between children, how to react?

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Sexual games between children are frequent during childhood. Play "mums and dads" or "the doctors" it is something very common when we are little. In fact, most of us have probably participated in these types of games as children.

However, there are many parents who, when observing that their child is participating in a sexual game with another child, feel overwhelmed and worried about not knowing how to handle this situation. Parents, when they witness how their child is performing a I play with sexual overtones, they ask themselves on many occasions: is what my son does normal? should I be worried? what should I do? Do I let him continue playing or do I get his attention? Do I punish you for it?

Sexuality is intrinsic to the human being and it manifests itself throughout our lives from the moment we are born. Now, its manifestations are different depending on the stage in which we are passing. Obviously, sexuality is not experienced or manifested in the same way during childhood as it is during adulthood.

- Sexuality is as natural as eating or drinking, so we must be cautious when responding to the manifestations that the child makes of their sexuality. If we react with an alarmist attitude and convey to the child that the behaviors, which they have carried out with the aim of exploring and discovering their sexuality, are bad and inappropriate, We can help to suppress our child's sexuality and make him live his sexuality with anxiety and may not enjoy it as an adult.

- If we respond negatively and from fear or amazement, when our child touches his or her genitals or becomes the protagonist of a sexual game with another boy or girl, we are favoring the child to be scared and even feel ashamed and guilty for doing something that a priori is as natural as any other basic human function. In short, the way of reacting to a situation related to the sexuality of our child, transmits a message to the child that can help or, on the contrary, hinder the sexual development of the minor.

- We should not worry or be alarmed. Sexual games during childhood that take place between children of the same age and in which minors participate voluntarily, are normal, healthy and are part of the development of children.

- It is important that we promote a relationship of trust with our child and understand communication as our main ally and as the tool that will allow us to know the concerns and concerns of our children. Parents have to lay the foundations to promote healthy sexuality in our little ones.

- If we consider that the behavior that our child manifests is inappropriate we must speak with them calmly and consider that we have an opportunity to teach them what is or is not appropriate to do. We must provide our children with adequate sexual education and try to have a trusting relationship with them that allows us to speak naturally about these types of situations and at the same time offer them correct and appropriate information for their age and level of development.

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