2 multiplication table trick for kids

2 multiplication table trick for kids

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The multiplication table of the number two it is very simple, we know. It is enough to add two by two, and it is something that children can do without difficulty through mental math. But ... what if we approach mathematics in a fun way with a trick or game? Here you have the trick of the multiplication table of two. Your child will love it!

1. First we write down the table of two without filling in the result. A) Yes:

2. Now we have to look at the number by which we are going to multiply the 2. For example, in 2x1, we look at 1. That number has to be added by itself. Thus, in the case of 2x1, we would add 1 + 1, and the result would be 2.

3. The same must be done with the rest of the numbers. You always have to add by yourself the number by which you are going to multiply two. The result would be this:

Best of all, this trick can be applied with any number that you multiply by two. So if your child is good at adding and is starting to multiply, this trick will delight him.

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