The importance of play for the child's learning

The importance of play for the child's learning

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Playing is doing something with joy in order to entertain, have fun or develop certain abilities. The child who plays is happy, and when a child is happy he will surely learn sooner. The first creative act of the human being is to play and, to play means to inquire, to know, to discover everything that is needed to become adults.

On our site we tell you why play is so important in the child's learning.

We start to play when we are babies and, we do it spontaneously, because it is a need that we have since childhood to be able to understand everything that happens around us. Children are attracted to play and it is in the hands of adults to know how to take advantage of this situation so that they learn effortlessly in a natural way and having a good time.

The benefits of the game are indisputable:

- Participating in children's games since they are little is making them feel very loved, therefore, if we play with them we will have safe children with high self-esteem.

- Through play, children show their personality, that is, they show us how they are.

- When they jump or run they are developing their motor skills.

- If they play in a group, they acquire social skills, learn to cooperate and know how to respect others and, as if that were not enough, through games they improve their language and increase their intellectual development.

- They also learn to memorize and, what is more important, to reason because situations are created in which children will have to find solutions.

It is clear that the game gives many educational possibilities and, although the child does not play to learn, he will end up learning by playing because, without a doubt, games are learning and new experiences.

Times have changed and, it is evident, that our children do not have fun with the same games that we did, currently it is played in another way. Playing is a necessity of the human being and, in one way or another, it will always be part of our life, therefore, it is necessary that they change according to the age of the children since they need constant motivation and stimulation to learn and, of course, They must be games that interest you.

So while they play and have fun they acquire a series of knowledge and skills without having to make an effort because that's what it's about. For children, play is a fundamental part of their learning.

To finish, I leave you this phrase from Fred Rogers: «The game really is the work of childhood»

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