Maternity leave by country

Maternity leave by country

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The pregnant woman has a number of rights during pregnancy and after childbirth. But those rights vary depending on the country where you are. In fact, maternity leave or maternity leave it can be very different between different countries.

It is not the same to have a child in Brazil, Mexico or Spain. In each of these countries the laws are different, as well as the legal rights and paid leave of the workers. Find out herehow is the maternity leave in your country of residence.

There are many differences regarding maternity leave from one country to another. A) Yes, while countries like Sweden offer the mother up to 480 days (shared with the father) and oblige the mother to a minimum of 60 days of rest after delivery, other countries like the US do not collect paid maternity leave (if the right to stay at home with the baby up to 12 months in an unpaid way but respecting the job).

Below we offer you a list of countries and their regulations and rights regarding the maternity leave or maternity leave after delivery. You just have to search for your country and check what rights correspond to both you and your partner and how many days you can enjoy maternity leave with your newborn.

Maternity leave in Brazil. Maternity leave in Brazil is a working woman's right set forth in the Constitution and it serves so that pregnant mothers can rest prenatally and postnatally, charging a benefit for it.

Maternity leave in Peru. The maternity leave or allowance in Peru is a right that is recognized for all pregnant women, for which they must rest from their work, but receive a monetary amount. The license is subscribed for a period of time prenatal and postnatal and with a duration of 90 days.

Maternity leave in Chile. Chile became a pioneer by granting mothers a 24-week rest permit. Maternity leave in Chile is one of the most beneficial for working mothers. Without a doubt, a measure that allows women to enjoy their newborn.

Maternity leave in Argentina. Maternity leave in Argentina means the recognition by the state of the rights of working mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. The purpose of maternity leave is to help the working mother have time to care for the newborn.

Maternity leave in the US. Curiosities of maternity leave in the United States. The complications of being a working mother in the United States arise because in the maternity leave in the United States the State does not assume the salary of the working mother during the period of maternity leave, and sometimes neither does the employer.

Maternity leave in Colombia. Maternity leave in Colombia means the recognition by the state of the rights of working mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. The purpose of maternity leave is to help the working mother have time to care for the newborn.

Maternity leave in Spain. Maternity leave or maternity leave in Spain is the right that working mothers have to have a rest and a salary from the State. Know how long it lasts, how much you are going to charge and who can access it.

Maternity leave in Mexico. Maternity leave or maternity leave is a right that all working mothers in Mexico have during the last phase of pregnancy and after giving birth, so that they can take care of their baby. They will have 84 days of maternity leave.

Maternity leave in Venezuela. The life of working mothers changes the moment they become pregnant, that is why working women in Venezuela have the right to opt for maternity leave or leave. This right aims to help mothers to create a bond with their newborn baby, so that they can adapt to their new life before returning to work.

Maternity and paternity leave in the world. Learn how maternity leave works in Europe, this is the leave that fathers and mothers have in Europe to care for their child after the baby is born. We tell you what maternity leave they have in the different European countries.

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