10 techniques to calm and calm the baby

10 techniques to calm and calm the baby

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The baby's crying can make parents desperate. There are times when nothing seems to be able to calm them down, causing the people around them to be irritable and distressed about the situation.

However, we can solve this situation of anguish before the baby's crying by putting these into practice 10 techniques to calm your baby.

There are several reasons that can lead a baby to have a situation of uncontrolled crying such as discomfort caused by gas or when they are teething, difficulty falling asleep, when they are very exhausted they are also often irritable or if are hungry or have a stained diaper.

We have to try to detect what is causing this crying since it is still a sign with which the baby shows his discomfort, and later try to calm him down. First of all, we must not lose our cool and look for options to be able to calm our baby in such stressful moments.

1- There are times when go for a walk with the baby either in your stroller or in the car can help calm you down.

2- Take him in arms, being close and singing a song softly to him can also help calm him down.

3- Placing the baby in a baby carrier and going out for a walk can calm our little one, since he will feel close to us and also the rocking will help him relax.

4- There are babies who listen to music they focus on it and calm down.

5- Despite the nervousness caused by the uncontrolled crying of the baby, keep calm, lay him down and give him a relaxing massage it can help calm you down.

6- The white noise being a constant noise and without ups and downs it is a good technique to calm the babyas it helps our brain to fall asleep. This noise can be produced by the sound of a dryer, a vacuum cleaner, the extractor hood or the washing machine, among other household appliances.

7- In teething periods the use of cold teethers.

8- If the crying is caused by colic we must help the baby expel them and if you are breastfeeding avoid the consumption of products that can contribute to the development of colic in babies such as caffeine, dairy products or very spicy foods.

9- Wash the baby helps calm and relax.

10- Give something to suck on as a pacifier it can help calm their anxiety and help them fall asleep, although there are babies who reject this type of product.

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