Changes in the endings of stories

Changes in the endings of stories

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Many parents wonder why some traditional tales like Little Red Riding Hood no longer have a tragic ending. So I don't know, I said, the first time I heard the new version in which the wolf, of course, does not eat the grandmother, but neither does it perish in the river.

The 'Happy Ends' or 'happy endings' are in fashion. The sweetening of the endings of the stories is only the tip of the iceberg of the cottony character with which today's society is enveloping children.

Some experts consider that the excessive protection that parents have towards their children may have negative consequences for children, including delayed maturation and greater vulnerability to certain vicissitudes of life.

Feeding the innocence of children while infancy lasts is what is causing our children to read stories with happy endings. But, have you ever wondered, what does a happy ending leave us? A good taste in your mouth, a glimmer of hope, the belief in a better future ...

In short stories, as in television series and movies, the goal for the reader, in this case, or the viewer, in others, is entertainment and fun.

It is about having a good time, a moment of entertainment within the world of fiction and the ending is an important part of all this development. The texts of the stories, always written by adults, develop psychological and emotional aspects that children can understand, while stimulating their imagination, helping them develop your intelligence and to clarify their emotions, especially because through stories they can recognize their conflicts and find solutions to problems that concern them.

If we take into account that stories provide security to the child, a happy ending can be essential in any story worth its salt, because after the narration of the events, some hard or terrifying, the child may feel that there is no hope to solve your problems.

Most of the stories end with a perfect emotional outcome such as marrying the prince or princess, or achieving power or self-control of one's life as when the characters become kings or queens.

These very pleasant endings present in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or The Three Little Pigs are ideal for nighttime storytelling at the foot of the bed because they invite the child to fall asleep peacefully. However, also in this matter the ideal would be to find the middle ground.

Some specialists consider it a good idea to offer children two endings: the tragic and the happy. And I wonder, have they tried it? When I read to my son two different endings of the same story, my child was ironed and asked me: Mom, then, where do we agree? So ask me, am I confusing you? I believe that choosing the type of endings corresponds to each family, each father and each mother. Each one must know and choose how they want to educate their children.

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