Children inherit the propensity for baldness from mothers

Children inherit the propensity for baldness from mothers

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Genetic inheritance is responsible for the color of our eyes, our hair, and many other characteristics that define us. What was thought until now is that we inherited baldness from our parents but recent scientific studies have revealed otherwise.

And it is that, new investigations affirm that children inherit the propensity for baldness from the mother.

A group of scientists from the Center for Genetic and Experimental Medicine at the University of Edinburgh affirms that the genes responsible for baldness are concentrated on the X chromosome, which is inherited directly from the mother. This and similar studies contradict the popular belief that baldness was inherited from the father.

And, many times we have heard that 'as your father and grandfather are bald, you have all the ballots to be bald when you grow up', but nothing is further from reality since according to science, the mother is responsible to pass on the alopecia gene.

We would have to look at the genetic inheritance from our mother to know the predisposition that men, and to a lesser extent women, have to be bald.

Not only genetic factors influence the fact of suffering or not suffering from baldness, androgenic hormonal factors also affect.

Though baldness is inherited through the X chromosomePoor diet, stress, poor hair care or thyroid disease, among other aspects, also influence it.

Alopecia affects 80 percent of men versus 30 percent of women. Although socially the consequences of suffering from it are totally different since in men it can even be considered as an attractive physical element while in women the psychological impact is greater since it is not so accepted in society.

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