Co-parenting is possible. This photograph proves it

Co-parenting is possible. This photograph proves it

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Maelyn is four years old and loves to play soccer. But what she likes most about the game is that her family come to see her: his father, his mother, his stepmother and his stepfather.

It may seem impossible to you that such a family can get along so well, and that before a separation, Maelyn lives with all of them in a state of co-parenting without problems. What's more, you may be surprised that he is able to receive affection from everyone without tension or jealousy. Well, forget your prejudices, because it seems that it is possible. Here we have the proof.

(Photograph by Clara Cazeau)

Maelyn plays soccer. And among the public, far from observing terrible fights between relatives, proudly contemplates the union of his 'atypical' family. They all make a great team, and they don't miss one of their games. Not even her stepfather, Alex, who works in the military.

This photograph could have been taken any week, because they ensure that they never miss a single meeting. They are Maelyn's biggest fans. So the little girl's parents effusively cheer on their daughter along with Maelyn's stepfather and stepmother. On their shirts, they proudly show their place in the family:

- Step Mom (stepmother): Emilee

- Daddy (daddy): Ricky

- Mommy (mommy): Clara

- Step Dad (stepfather): Alex

Clara, the little girl's mother, had the idea to create her own cheerleader outfit after Maelyn's third game. Checked that the whole family wanted to cheer together the little girl, and ordered the shirts from a friend. The photograph has received many comments that applaud the example that they give to many other families:

The complicity between everyone is such that even Clara, Maelyn's mother, was at the birth of Emilee (Maelyn's stepmother), the day she went into labor with her second daughter (Everlee, Maelyn's stepsister).

As if that were not enough, they visit each other regularly, they go on vacation together and they never miss any of their birthday parties. That is, a relationship similar to a stable and balanced co-parenting.

The message they want to give to all families of separated parents is that first of all prioritize the child's emotional stability and never put past stories, jealousy and personal interests first.

In fact, many of Maylin's teammates sometimes can't attend the game. because one of their separated parents cannot or does not want to take them... The most normal thing, unfortunately, is for the couple, when they separate, to conflict.

The advice of this family could serve for anyone who is going through a moment of separation in the couple. Each case is a world, obviously, but these guidelines should always be followed:

- Do not fight in front of the children.

- Do not use your children to harm your partner.

- Do not put personal interests before the interests of the children.

- Forget past feelings, putting children's emotional balance first.

- Always show respect towards all the people involved in the separation.

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