Is a newborn baby fragile?

Is a newborn baby fragile?

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Yesterday I went to visit some friends at the maternity ward, they have become parents of a beautiful child! Chatting with his father, who was overflowing with joy, he commented to us how difficult it is to deal with such a small child, 'I don't know how to hold him without arching his back in this uncomfortable way,' he said. She seemed so fragile to him, and she was as careful with her son as if she were holding a Ming Dynasty vase.

Timely, during the short time that the visit lasted, the neonatologist stopped by to check the general condition of the newborn, and our jaws dropped! I was able to witness the feats of what a baby with 24 hours of life is capable of, despite the apparent fragility of his anatomy.

The specialist 'engendered' the new dads security when it comes to handling their son: he took the baby with one hand, turned him naturally, carefully checked his little body and began to do some tests that seemed typical of a marine of the USA: left him hanging by only 2 fingers of his hand, made him walk Groucho Marx, let him fall back briefly, while the baby tried to grab something, he brushed the soles of his feet with a knuckle of his hand ... The little boy looked like Rambo! He was so happy and he passed all the tests perfectly.

The image of the newborn that we all have is that of a physically helpless being, dependent on his parents for everything and that's the way he is, but we have to take into account his great mental capacities and his developed instinct for survival; Perhaps, then, we will be able to treat our son more naturally and calmly, and thus be able to enjoy him more in these important and wonderful moments of his life and ours. Congratulations on your baby!

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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