The first 24 hours of a mother

The first 24 hours of a mother

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Suddenly you see him. After nine months of waiting, of uncertainties and fears. Of sensations that you have never experienced before. And finally you have him in your arms. You are already a mother! Your first time, like all the first times, makes you mourn, thrill you... Ydoubt, yes, doubt. And that strange feeling of happiness and fear takes over you irremediably.

At first you don't want to be separated from him, from your child. As much as the nurses explain to you that you better rest, you don't want to rest. I kept looking at me daughter. To admire it. To watch over her. It was a sensation that he had never experienced. The afraid for something to happen to him kept me alert every second. I didn't want to sleep.

There was a moment when his hand gripped my finger. I felt that that moment joined me for life. With that invisible tie that ties the mothers. I thought about him future, in what I still had to live. And then came the Vertigo. That afraid not knowing how to cope with your task. Because you have never been a mother. Because this is your first time. Because nobody ever taught you the most important subject.

So you see, the first 24 hours with your child are an explosion of uncontrollable sensations. Of love, of happiness, Doubts, the afraid, the responsibility. And you suddenly understand that all that, all that you are feeling, is to be mother. You also have a feeling that it won't be just that day, nor the next. That it will be for the rest of your life.

Yeah the first thing you feel like mother is happiness. An extreme happiness. You breathe relieved to see that everything is fine. That she has her little fingers in order, her skin somewhat red or yellowish still from childbirth. Who is in good health and tries to hold onto your chest to eat. But then you see that the milk still hasn't come out and your child is crying. And the anguish begins to invade you again. And no matter how much they tell you how to position yourself or how to hold your child, you see that you do not get it. This, breastfeeding, is one of the main concerns that a woman encounters. mother in its early hours. That, and the fear when something happens, that suddenly your child stops breathing. Not being able to wake up every three hours to feed him.

But this is all normal, all mothers have felt the same. In those first 24 hours you start the most difficult race. The most rewarding. Not without obstacles and doubts. Yes, it is the hardest profession: the profession of mother. If you just became a mother, welcome to class!

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