Changing baby from crib to bed

Changing baby from crib to bed

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It is very common, after the baby begins to take its first steps, that its agility is redoubled. At this stage, the baby will experience a much greater freedom of movement, which will give him more curiosity about other things and other places in the house, to the point of being able to get out of his crib by himself.

Your development is what will drive you to change from crib to bed. A change that, as a general rule, usually takes place at two or two and a half years, or when the child feels that the crib no longer has as much space for him to sleep and stretch.

Many children, especially those with older siblings, often take this big step even before two years, for the simple desire to imitate, wanting to do and behave in the same way as his older brother. They are more encouraged to climb this great stepping stone to independence.

Other children, on the contrary, even if they like being in big beds like their parents', and even accept the idea of ​​going to sleep in a bed just for him, they resist getting out of the crib. That is a very normal reaction, since it was in the crib where he learned to fall asleep, where he feels protected, clothed, and more secure. The cradle has been its first 'burrow'.

To encourage and stimulate a child to accept a change nothing better than let you participate in making some decisions. In the case of the bed, the ideal is to let him collaborate in everything that refers to the new bed. The child will be able to help choose his new bed, choose the colors and patterns of the new sheets, etc., help in the disassembly of the crib and know where they are going to store it, and so on with everything.

Depending on the child, there are cases in which an adaptation period is needed, that is, that the child gradually gets used to the new situation. As he continues to sleep at night in his crib, let him play or nap in bed until he feels more secure in it and makes the ultimate change. At the same time, it is necessary to explain the reasons for the change, always assessing its growth and size. And as if that weren't enough, don't forget to bring the doll, blanket or toy with which he slept in the crib to his bed.

There is no ideal bed for children on the market. The ideal bed is one that adapts to the growth of your child and to the space you have in your room, that its price is within the expected, and that it is functional. However, when choosing a bed for your child, keep in mind some tips for their safety:

1- That the bed does not have sharp corners that could harm the child.
2- That a handrail be placed on the bed on one or both of its sides, to prevent the child from running the risk of falling.
3- That the headboard is as simple as possible, avoiding the bars that offer danger to the child
4- That between the bed and the mattress there are no spaces where the child can squeeze a hand or a foot.
5- That the bed is not too high to avoid risks of a blow to children.

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