Santa Claudia Day, May 18. Names for girls

Santa Claudia Day, May 18. Names for girls

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Claudia is a name for girl of Latin origin that indicates origin of the legendary and prestigious Claudia family of ancient Rome. At present it is one of the frequent names and those preferred by parents.

Being its masculine variant Claudio, your daughter's name has a great evocative beauty of prestige. He celebrates his name day on May 18, which is the santa claudia day.

By the meaning of her name, Claudia evokes nobility, prestige and high lineage. The name endows Claudia with a magnetic and seductive personality, full of charm and sensuality. In addition, Claudia has a strong and hard-working character that leads her to find the necessary resources to achieve her goals. Claudia is, without a doubt, a person destined for success.

The name Claudia is used in many languages ​​with some variations, each more attractive if possible. We especially like the French forms Claudine and Clodette because they are full of French delicacy and romance. In any case, Claudia is the perfect name to highlight the beauty of your girl and make her feel proud of her name.

Claudia is a name that has not always enjoyed the popularity of today. So we have to go back to Roman antiquity to find illustrious representatives of your daughter's name, such as Claudia Octavia, the former wife of Emperor Nero or Clodia, who starred in a resounding divorce from other Roman emperors, Octavian.

More current memories come to us of the French singer from the 60s, Claudine Longet and the mythical film diva, the Italian Claudia Cardinale, who along with Sofía Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, swept her beauty on the screens of half the world. And the one who also stands out in beauty is the German model Claudia Schiffer, one of the forerunners of the phenomenon of top models.

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