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Games for kids

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Children's games are essential in children's day-to-day lives. While they play children not only have fun, but also encourage their learning and the development of their social and intellectual capacities.

We offer you entertaining ideas to play with your children during birthday parties, vacations and even to cope with a long trip in the car. We also have proposals for educational and traditional children's games and games for children with learning disabilities. Discover the games for children that our site has prepared for you.

Every May 28 the World Gaming Day with the aim of promoting the importance of play in childhood. Remember that the game is not only entertainment for them, but it is essential for their learning. offers you a complete guide on the games of the little ones. Find out how they can play at home, in the park, in the sea, in the pool ... even in the car!

Games for babies. The game to stimulate the baby. Play in childhood is essential for the good physical, emotional and cognitive development of babies. Playing is part of a child's learning.

Educational games for children. Games for children to learn while having fun. Educational game ideas that children can do while having fun learning. Games and education for the little ones. our site offers us game proposals with which children can learn numbers, letters and words in English.

Games for birthdays. Games to celebrate a birthday party with children. Enjoy their birthday party with your children with these fun proposals for children's games that they can do with their friends and family.

Traditional games for children. A selection of traditional games for boys and girls. There are traditional games, classic games that children of all generations and from different parts of the world have played. Do not miss these games to entertain children and play on the street or at home.

Games for car trips. Games for traveling with children. Long car trips are hard for the whole family, but especially for children. To prevent them from getting tired, or not stopping asking when we arrive or starting to fight each other out of sheer boredom, it is necessary to sharpen the wit to entertain them. There are some very fun games that can liven up the trip for both children and adults:

Children's games for the holidays. We explain to you which are the best games and toys for children's holidays. Play and toys are for fun, to teach and educate, to relax and help children share moments and entertainment with their family and others. We tell you which are the best games for children.

Popular games by countries. Most popular children's games in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Spain. Popular hobbies for children. Children's free time. Traditional games by countries.

Games to stimulate children. Games to stimulate children with learning disabilities. Ideas and games for children who have difficulties in learning, Games for children with disabilities and ideas of games for hyperactive children.

Games for the baby's psychomotor skills. We explain what games benefit and encourage the movement of the baby's hands and body.Fine motor skills in children up to 3 years old. Games to improve the fine motor skills of children in their first years of life.

The best games from 0 to 2 years. We tell you which toys are the most suitable for children under two years of age. Recommendations on games and toys for babies from 0 to 2 years old.

Mime games. Through these mime games, children have better control of their body, encourage their imagination and creativity, achieve greater concentration when expressing themselves without words, and above all have fun in a group. We propose imitation or pampering activities for your children.

Games for restless children. We offer you a series of games that can help relax the most nervous or restless children. What games can calm nervous children.

Games for Carnival. What kind of games can be made with children for a Carnival party? On our site we find activities for our children to enjoy a very enjoyable costume day.

Games for children. Complete list of games for boys and girls, for different times of the year and situations. Group games, solo, traditional or sports games. Games for all tastes.

Games from 0 to 12 months. Games to encourage your baby from birth to one year old. Ideas for playing with the newborn. Classic games to entertain the baby.

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