Three important words for children: Go play!

Three important words for children: Go play!

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Ben Falcone, is an actor, father and author of "Being a Dad is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours." Translated into Spanish it means: Being a father is strange: Lessons from my family to yours. In it, he exposes many of his experiences regarding fatherhood and carries out an in-depth analysis of modern Western society and the challenges it represents when it comes to parenting.

Falcone proposes three important words for children: go out and play. They may seem obvious, but maybe they are getting lost, what do you think?

Falcone argues that one of the most important problems parents must deal with is guilt. We tend to believe that each day of our children has to be full of educational experiences and moments of pleasure, that they have to be stimulated but not excessively, that they have to have contact with other children but also deal with adults; that they should eat healthy, with a balanced diet and organic food; that they must do sports and also work their intellect. The list is tiring just by reading it.

All this pressure comes from good intentions: simply wanting the best for the children. And that makes us wonder every day if we should spend more time with them, tell them more stories, be less aware of the cell phone, cook more at home, enroll them in a new course.

Falcone argues that the reality is that our parents did not face as many challenges. They did what they could and that's it. And right or wrong, we all grew up and found our way. In our childhood we used to play with the neighbors, have a lot of free time. Y If we said we were bored, they just said, "Go play."

Ben Falcone argues we should remember these words and start saying them more often. Explain that he tried to repeat this technique and feels it changed his life. Because it lowers pressure at times, leaves him time to have a quiet coffee or chat with his wife and above all, it makes his daughters run, invent, socialize and grow with greater freedom. Do you dare to try it?

It is not about disengaging, but about lower the pressure a bit and allow kids to invent their own experiences and are able to discover their own talents, tastes, feelings, successes and mistakes.

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