Show ourselves naked in front of the children: yes or no?

Show ourselves naked in front of the children: yes or no?

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I have witnessed endless debates about it: is it good that we show ourselves naked in front of the children? Normally there are no intermediate points, but you are at one extreme or the opposite. There are not many studies on this. Psychologists recommend that the body look natural, especially when children are young. The body is something beautiful that we must take care of, respect and discover.

It has been proven that, in families where parents did not show themselves naked in front of their children, "morbid" was generated when their children were adolescents, uncovering a certain anxiety about sexuality; Unlike the other children who saw it as something natural.

Children between the ages of two and four begin to feel curiosity about their own body and about the differences between men and women. They ask us questions like: Mom, where do girls have penises? Or why do you have hair and I don't? Questions that many may find uncomfortable but are totally natural, since they do not know the body.

It is almost inevitable that at some point children will see us naked in the shower or changing our clothes, and therefore it is important that they perceive this as something habitual, part of the routine of the moment, and not as something sexual; the way of transmitting and living in nudity is the most importantIf we do it in a forced way they will perceive it immediately and it will make them feel uncomfortable.

The balance between natural nudity and exhibitionism is basic. The most important thing is that they do not feel guilty for discovering us naked, that way they could come to perceive the body as something bad and not come to accept theirs. If you can't help but feel uncomfortable, avoid showing yourself naked in front of them, but never make them feel bad about seeing you.

The answer is easy: until they make us feel uncomfortable looking at us, or when they themselves feel uncomfortable looking at us. When they reach a certain age, they will begin to feel a certain modesty, usually from the age of 6.

Children look at us a lot in the early years because they need to understand the world around them, observe it and explore it. From the age of 6 they will stop asking questions and will lose interest until they reach puberty.

Little by little they will discover that, even if his parents change their clothes or shower in front of him, there are times when they want more privacy, and when they have to ask permission, for example, before entering the bathroom, like this They will learn to respect the privacy of others and themselves.

We must help them get to know each other, talk and show the body is normal as long as it is healthy.

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