The mouse and the dog. Animal poems for children

The mouse and the dog. Animal poems for children

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Children, almost without knowing it, approach poetry from a very young age, either through songs or small rhyming sayings. And is that, poetry has many benefits for children.

At we suggest that you read to your children The little mouse and the dog, an animal poem for children that teaches them that they are to help their friends. A beautiful short poem that helps us foster children's taste for poetry

This animal poem for children teaches them to help or warn friends in case we see that they are in danger.

Down a hole

you can see its tail,

think it's hidden

this little mouse.

A dog looks at him

How innocent he is!

hides his face

and thinks they don't see it.

Slowly comes closer

and steps on his tail,

the sleeping mouse

good scare has been given.

«Hey little mouse

hide well,

that the tail pokes you

and the cat sees you »

The mouse looks at him

very thankful,

and hiding the tail

he has slept again.

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