How to get kids to read on vacation

How to get kids to read on vacation

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Summer is coming, the children's vacations, and with them a lot of free time. Many parents want their children to do something during the holidays, even read, but not all children are attracted to reading as we would like.

Summer reading is important, it improves your reading skills, reinforces skills acquired during the academic year, in addition to all the benefits that reading in itself brings, the most important ... reading is learning and it is also fun! So how can we get children to read on vacation?

Reading encourages the creativity of our children, their imagination, brings them closer to worlds and realities that they could not otherwise know, and also entertains and relaxes them. Therefore, it is important that children read, and summer when there is more free time is a great time to do so, but how to get children to read on vacation:

- It is important not to make reading something obligatory but something fun and pleasant, something that relaxes them and they like. If we force them to read, they probably won't or will reluctantly. During the school year they are forced to read (15 minutes of daily reading as homework), and in summer we must ensure that it is not by obligation but by pleasure. We must not leave them without playing or without TV if they do not read, but we can reward them if they do. They do not have to be material prizes, but we can allow them more time to bathe, or to play in the park or to watch a series that they like.

- We also have to bear in mind that children read if they see their parents read. Therefore, parents have to set an example, and be the first to pack books and take advantage of the holidays to read for a little while and let the little ones see us.

- Make the children participate in what we are going to carry in the suitcase, it is a good time to choose the books they want to take on vacation, and that they are the ones who choose them and keep them in their suitcases, in this way it will not be so much an imposition but a choice that they make. Let the children choose what they want to read. Go with them to choose the books for the summer, spend time choosing summer reading, let them see the books, open them, and choose the one that catches their attention the most, (even if it is the book of the 300 best jokes for children). Reading doesn't have to be educational, but fun. If we choose them, we try to make them related to their interests and what they like, not what I would like them to read.

- In summer children have a lot of free time and are not always busy, and sometimes they get bored. At that moment they don't know what to do and they ask us ... what do I do? I'm getting bored! we can suggest they can pick up a book and read.

- Reading with them when they are younger is a good option. Find gaps and moments where we can read together and share their reading with them. Ask them what they have read, what they like best about the book, their favorite character ...

- Carry books everywhere. Put their games or toys and a book in their backpack, so they can turn to it if they see it.

- We can use activities in which books are the protagonists or are related to books. Take them to a play or movie, based on a book, and if they like, offer the book to read, because if they liked the movie, the book will do it even more.

- What if my son only likes to watch television or play with the tablet? In this case we can offer as a reward for reading every day, extra time to play the tablet or watch TV, or make it a condition for watching TV to have previously read even 10 minutes.

But above all and above all, as we said at the beginning, set an example and not make reading an obligation but rather something fun and pleasant.

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