A cool guy with a red nose. Children's story about happiness

A cool guy with a red nose. Children's story about happiness

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A cool guy with a red nose is a wonderful story that takes us into a world of fantasy and imagination in which magical things happen. A children's story about happiness that you can read as a family.

We invite you to meet this fantastic being, a being who can achieve incredible things and the happier he is, the more his red nose swells.

Once upon a time there was a cool red-nosed guy. And what is a cool? You will ask.

A red-nosed cool is a fantastic being who lives on the planet of Halacer and, in any time, situation or place that he wishes, stops time, slows down or accelerates it according to his will and convenience. Who goes through closed doors and stone walls, but is not a ghost. That it can fly, but it is not a bird. Who knows how to swim, but is not a fish. That he can walk and run, but he is not a man. They say he has a colorful heart, but no one has seen him. Y The most peculiar thing about a cool guy is that when he feels very happy his nose swells up and becomes very red, hence his name.

It has long ears similar to those of rabbits, but it is not a rabbit, a very fine ear and small, clear and round eyes. Three large teeth protrude from its mouth and it has two dimples on the sides that give it a very nice appearance. He has long, slender arms and hands with six very slender fingers. His body is medium and he has strong and robust legs that make him a great athlete.

Well, as I was saying:

Once upon a time there was a cool guy who was in a forest and happily jumped from tree to tree. Ah! I have not told you that a cool man has a special ability to jump and, in one of his jumps, he felt so happy that he was floating in the air, suspended upside down, hanging in space without strings or ropes to hold him because -as I have told you before- a cool man has the gift of stopping time when he wants and in the place he wants, according to your will and convenience. He stayed there suspended in the air for a long time, with his red nose, reveling in his happiness and, being like that, he discovered a rabbit that looked at him curious and surprised; Well, for sure, it was the first time I had seen a cool suspended or possibly the first time I had seen a red-nosed cool.

He decided to fall on a branch of a nearby tree that welcomed him swinging him happily; because the trees fought among themselves to be the chosen ones because, they always gave them a pleasant tickle. After a single leap he went to the ground, but doing so many somersaults on the way that the most skilled monkeys looked on with envy.

One, two, three, four, five !, many somersaults and, is that the cool one is always happy, and this is one of his most common ways of expressing it.

He walked very slowly because he wanted to enjoy nature. He observed the movement of the butterflies' wings when they flew, he watched as a worm took a large bite out of an apple, delighting in its delicacy, as two snakes crawled and hid among the stones. Then he decided to fly to the bank of the river -although the cool ones don't have wings, they fly very well- and he stared at the stream of water that came down very clear with beautiful colored reflections and he felt so happy that he began to do cartwheels again and his red nose began to grow.

While he was face down, he saw a small crab that called to him, moving its legs to play with it; That's why he got into the river and started swimming because, the cool ones, although they don't have fins or gills - as I have told you before - they swim very well. When he got tired of playing in the water, he went out and hovered again so that the sun would tickle him with its rays, as this was one of the most pleasant moments of the day for a cool guy.

After a while he called the wind to play with him and, the wind came to his call like a gale and, the two ran from one side to the other with fun doing somersaults.

Then he called the snow to play with it and, the flakes fell unruly at the moment and they had a great time.

Then he played with the rain, with the clouds, with the thunder, and then slide like a slide through each of the colors of the rainbow. Through red very quickly, through blue more slowly, and so on until he fell asleep.

When the sun went down and the moon rose, the cool guy fell asleep as usual, suspended face down in the air, very happy.

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