7 tips to organize a healthy and balanced family picnic

7 tips to organize a healthy and balanced family picnic

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When the good weather arrives and with it the holidays, it is very common to organize a family picnic. They are meals that are organized in contact with nature, whether on the beach, in the mountains or in the pool.

These are moments to enjoy, share and, why not, maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It is not necessary to break all the dietary rules and offer food high in fat and sugar to children. It is possible to organize a healthy and balanced family picnic and also that everyone likes. We give you some ideas to organize the best family picnic.

1- In preparing for the picnic it is essential to have thermal bags or coolers so that the high temperatures do not affect the food.

2- Bring the food in individual tupperwareIn this way, each child will have their share and the food will be prevented from filling up with sand or dirt.

3- If you don't have options to cook, you can choose the minimally processed natural products, as are the preserves.

4- Involve your children in preparing the refrigerator and the utensils they need to take to the picnic.

5- You can organize a menu for a healthy and balanced family picnic based on sandwiches, wraps, or salads. You can prepare sandwiches or tortilla wrap, natural tuna, prawns or natural cockles. Also, you can incorporate an infinite variety of types of whole grain breads. As for salads, the ideal is to use fresh food, but also in the supermarket you will find many canned vegetables: potatoes, beets, sweet corn, olives ...

6- For dessert the ideal is fresh fruit, in summer we find a great variety and children love them. Important, take them very cold so that they are more appetizing.

7- The hydration, It is more than important at this time of year, therefore, offer your child drinks at all times. To keep the drink cold for longer, put the bottle in the freezer a few hours before and allow ice to form in ½ or ¼ of the bottle, so then little by little the ice will melt keeping the drink cold.

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