The snail Babacol. Funny nursery rhymes

The snail Babacol. Funny nursery rhymes

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Poems are for learning and also ... for fun! This poetry: The Babacol snail is an example of this, through its verses we will know the funny story of a little snail that is blown away by the wind.

On our site we suggest that you read funny children's poems with your children, it is a great way to encourage reading and also bring children closer to the wonderful world of poetry.

Do not miss this funny children's poem on a small snail that a gust of wind takes it rolling. An original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría to read with your children.

The snail Babacol

take out the horns in the sun,

and sleep peacefully

on the leaves of a cabbage.

A gust of wind

has pulled it from the leaves,

carries it with great force

Rolling into a ball

Tucked inside the house

the dizzy snail,

he does not dare to go out

Although the wind has already stopped.

Open your eyes slowly

your house has no damage,

with everything that has rolled

he has been miraculously saved.

At last the horns appear

and is amazed,

Everything is full of leaves!

Lettuces, cabbages and turnips!

This place is beautiful

he likes to live,

the house carries her on her back

you just have to decide.

Every cloud has a silver lining,

think happy and content,

the snail Babacol

no longer afraid of the wind.

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