Why some babies just want to nap in the arms of mom or dad

Why some babies just want to nap in the arms of mom or dad

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How many times have my children slept in my arms! Especially during their first months of life, when the crib was strange to them or they did not feel completely comfortable in it. They demanded it and I liked those moments.

The grandmothers were always after me scolding me because they were going to get used to the arms, but I did not resist and neither did my children. And is that napping in the arms of mom or dad is a real pleasure, don't you think?

During their first months of life, babies can sleep up to 16 to 18 hours, but they do so at small intervals, during the day and at night. As they grow and mature, their waking and sleeping cycles are regulated, They take fewer and fewer daytime naps and sleep at night is longer and more frequent.

Babies can take 4-8 daytime naps. Many of them do not protest if you leave them in the crib, others feel insecure or restless and demand contact with their parents andthey show their disgust, discomfort or discomfort by crying. It is your way of communicating with us. This is how they tell us they want to be in arms And that's how I realized that many of those little naps that my children took during the day, they preferred to do them in my arms.

The crying stopped when I rocked them in my arms and so they fell asleep peacefully. I would then take the opportunity to sit down, put something on television and relax with my baby in my arms. Some really delicious moments even if it sounds corny to say so.

I have spoken with many mothers and fathers who live or have experienced the same situation. The baby slept peacefully and peacefully in her arms, while in the crib she woke up immediately. Or even, sleeping in the arms, the baby would open his eyes immediately if his parents tried to put him in the crib.

And is that, there is nothing like the arms of mom or dad, wrap and tuck the baby while listening to the heartbeat and perceive that familiar and close smell that transmits security and confidence. The crib is just a piece of furniture, naps in the arms of Mom and Dad are better, much better. It is the so recognized contact with the baby, the skin to skin.

According to experts, naps in mom and dad's arms are more beneficial for high demand babies and, in general, they help babies:

- In times of stress or anguish, either because they feel discomfort or are tired.

- The security provided by their arms make them have a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

- Sleep is of higher quality as it improves digestion and reduces colic in the infant.

- Take a nap in the arms of mom or dad stimulates the bond with the baby and makes babies feel more secure.

- According to the experts, this physical contact that is established during naps in the arms, favors brain development at a cognitive level the maturation of the nervous system.

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