Why does pool water spoil children's teeth

Why does pool water spoil children's teeth

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Children and swimming pool are all one. You know when it arrives but never when it leaves, because surely you will have to tear your little ones from the arms of the chlorinated water.

Splashes, pumps, dives ... until they have purple lips, reddened eyes, yellow hair, are more wrinkled than a chickpea and shivering until exhaustion, they will not get out of the water. However, to all those known consequences of swimming pools, we must add that chlorinated water is also harmful to tooth enamel. We will tell you why the water in swimming pools damages children's teeth.

By all it is known that chlorine is a great summer enemy of man along with the sun. It is true that chlorine makes our skin lose consistency and noticeably dry out, affecting the pH of the skin and that, therefore, it is a staunch enemy of children with dermatitis, but this is something that can be prevented by applying amounts to our children loads of moisturizer after a shower with mild soap and, in the worst case, Spread protective oils before getting into the pool.

It is also responsible for the eyes becoming irritated and red.. But in addition, chlorine is also responsible for the deterioration of dental plaque, that is, it damages children's teeth.

The pH of the water, higher than the one we have in our mouth, affects the enamel by weakening it, as it causes the breakdown of proteins in saliva and accelerates the formation of brown tartar; This is known as "swimmer's tartar," which appears mostly on the front teeth, and can eventually lead to periodontitis and gingivitis.

The "good" side is that our children would need a minimum of 6 hours a day of immersion in the pool for this to occur, so unless you are preparing your child to be the next Olympic medalist, there is nothing to worry about. So, if this is your case, it will be enough for you to take him to the dentist more often for dental cleanings and to reinforce his fluoridation.

However, not all the problems that exist in swimming pools are due to the demonic chlorine, which it is impossible to do without if we do not want the pool to be a bald spot of germs.

For example, it is not responsible for putting us green hair, but that curious effect is due to copper sulfate, a bluish substance that is added to water to eliminate fungi. As with another substance called chloramine, which is produced when chlorine comes into contact with some organic substances such as saliva or pee, which can cause coughing and choking in young children.

In short: yes, chlorine does affect children's teeth, but in large doses, so make sure your children go with mouth as closed as possible, although that is like ordering pears from the elm.

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