Create a cozy nest for our child

Create a cozy nest for our child

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During pregnancy, every day you can feel a new sensation, a new illusion, a new annoyance ..., but I don't know why almost all of us usually wait for the final stretch of pregnancy to prepare everything. Could it be that we don't want to think about childbirth? Is it that we believe that we will be pregnant all our lives, or is it an irresistible instinct to which we are called?

From the seventh month they advise us to have the hospital basket ready with everything to cover the baby's first needs: diapers, clothes, hygiene products. If at this point, we have not yet prepared the baby's trousseau, we should not delay any longer when starting to prepare it.

In the last two months, I have already felt so eager to give birth that whenever the prepared bag I always traveled with me, in case the delivery came by surprise. Many women come to the last month wanting to give birth, they can hardly walk, their legs look like truncheons, when the afternoon comes they are no longer people, they collapse between the sofa cushions, they do not see the moment when their little one is born and may disappear that tremendous kick that prevents you from seeing your feet and moving gracefully.

Although this is the general feeling, future moms, at this precise moment of their pregnancy, is when they feel a great desire to prepare the room for their baby: paint the walls with colors, put borders, change curtains, buy furniture and ornaments. She does not hesitate to climb stairs to wash the curtains, to walk miles in search of what she needs to prepare a perfect nest for her baby.

Some use up the last shot of energy with preparations. But girls, be careful! Dad can be an excellent collaborator, do not venture to get into pharaonic tasks to prepare the baby's room yourself. Inhaling paints or glues, cleaning with chemical products, climbing to high places, redesigning the house until it falls exhausted do not suit you at all, since your balance and your physical strength have been somewhat diminished in recent months, so let us help and, if It is possible, do not wait until the last month to prepare a nice and cozy nest for your support.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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