Educate in values. The example

Educate in values. The example

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Example is one of the most valuable educational tools with which parents count. It is at home that children find their best school, and that is where the family provides the child with all the stimuli for its development and growth.

It is in the family where children learn to talk, to behave, to relate, to live together. The relationships between parents and children are thus the main source of learning for the child. Therefore, our example will be key in the education of children. From our behavior, the future behaviors of our children will come out.

The example It is the basis for the child to acquire another series of values such as generosity, kindness, respect, sincerity, tolerance, perseverance ... If parents do not show these values ​​in their daily life, it will be difficult for children to develop them. It is essential to be aware of the impact that our example has on the education of our children.

1. The parental behavior has more impact than words. If a parent asks the child to be generous, but he does not perform the act of sharing, it is difficult for the child to acquire the value of generosity. Being congruent is essential. We cannot demand what we ourselves do not do.

2. The example is not only related to dealing with other people but also refers to any action in life, be it hygiene, the way of speaking or even the way of eating. Our children will learn from any act we do.

3. There is no age to start leading by example, from an early age children look at their parents as if they were looking in a mirror. Educating by example, more than a form of education, is a lifestyle that children will acquire, so we must be careful and very neat in our behavior.

4. It is necessary to have time for children so that they can learn from their parents and their behavior. If we delegate the comprehensive education of our children to the school, caregivers or grandparents, they may not receive the values ​​that we intend to instill in them.

5. Parents we have to be aware at all times that they are watching usTherefore, if we lose patience at a certain moment, do not control our words or act badly, our children will be there learning from what we are doing, writing down and filing in their memory.

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