Template to learn to tie the laces. Kids craft

Template to learn to tie the laces. Kids craft

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Tying your shoelaces is not easy for a boy. To learn, you need to practice a lot. Therefore, from We propose a craft to make it easier for your child to learn. It consists of creating a cardboard template so that the child can rehearse again and again to put the cords through the holes and to tie the knot and loop.

It's very easy to do. What's more, this craft can be done together. Prepare your own template to learn how to tie the shoelaces and you will have a fun time.

  • Recycled carton
  • Shoelace (color doesn't matter)
  • Pen and marker
  • Awl and scissors
  • A shoe of your son

1. First, with a pen, draw the silhouette of the shoe or sneaker of your child on the cardboard.

2. Review the silhouette that you drew with a marker, so it looks good.

3. Now draw 12 or 14 rounds (It depends on how you want to put the laces later), separated by a few centimeters. These rounds will be the holes where the cord will then go.

4. Tyou have to punch the holes one by one. Make sure the hole is big enough so that the string can be inserted later.

5. If you already have punched holes in the template, you can cut it out. If you prefer, leave the template on the cardboard. It may last longer this way. Now you can put the cord through the holes. You can do it in parallel or in the shape of a cross.

6. Once you have the template with the laces, you have to teach your child to tie a knot and a bow. First teach him to tie the knot. Tell him to stretch the ends of the string upward, cross them, and pass one end under the other like a bridge. Now you have to pull both ends and you will be able to tie a knot.

7. To make the loopYou can tell the child to make two rabbit ears with each end of the string and to pass one of the ears under the other. Pulling them will make a loop. You can also make a single ear and wrap the other cord around it as if you were hugging it. Then, it goes under and when you pull the cord, you will have a loop again.

Tips: Much patience. You will have to practice a lot, but surely your child learns to tie his shoelaces. If you have any questions, you also have a video to see how this craft is made step by step.


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