How to stimulate the baby according to the Montessori method

How to stimulate the baby according to the Montessori method

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The philosophy of the Italian María Montessori has been revolutionizing the educational world for years, her theory is based on something that is really very obvious but is not always true: achieve the child's autonomy by offering an adapted environment and prepared for you to achieve it, always respecting your process.

How can we stimulate the baby according to the Montessori method? It can be applied from the very birth of the baby and can help us to promote their desire to discover, their attention span, or we can even reassure and keep them calm with a series of activities based on this pedagogy.

I love the idea of accompany our children towards independence so that they can make their own decisions, so that they can learn new skills and can integrate into the family and society as autonomous, confident and determined people. Montessori offers ideas and tips that allow you to achieve this, some of them are games and activities and can even be done with the baby from its early stages of development. All of them I found in various manuals and books, these are some examples that you can put into practice to stimulate the baby according to the Montessori method:

1 - Take some fabrics of different textures and let him play with them so that he feels the rough, smooth, rough touch ... Talk to him about them while he grabs them.

2- Use rattles made with noble materials like wood or silver, they are perfect for baby's auditory stimulation.

3- Offer him non-plastic toys, a material that does not convey any sensation. It is preferable to use wooden toys that have their own texture and, above all, have life.

4- Leave within reach wool balls or crocheted so you can hook them between your fingers, catch them and play with them.

5- Cell phones are wonderful for babies, they don't need to be sophisticated or battery-powered, just have different colors or even reflect natural light.

6- Choose jars of different sizes and remove the lids, then offer the child the possibility of choosing the right lid for each container.

7- Put objects that the baby knows in a cloth bag: a pencil, a spoon, a comb ... Let the baby put his hand in and take out the objects, ask him to name them as I extract them.

8- Play in front of the mirror, let the child recognize his image, touch, suck or hit. Let him see how his body moves and what happens when we make gestures, raise our hands or smile.

9- Use the music during games or as a game itself.

10- Leave books within reach of the baby's hand, his little library, so that he can touch, open and discover them.

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