The most popular girl names for 2017

The most popular girl names for 2017

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Are you expecting a girl? !! Congratulations!! Choosing the name that you will give your daughter will be one of the decisions that you will have to make. Remember that the name will be part of your identity forever. It is an important decision, so we recommend a series offrequent and popular names in 2017.

If you need any ideas, you may find this list of popular names useful, the favorites among parents when naming their newborn.

If you are still not sure what girl name you will give your daughter, on our site we have prepared a list of baby names that may be useful to you. They are beautiful girl names that are also trending in 2017. What is your favorite?

Lucy: a beautiful name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one who carries the light'. It is one of the names that usually tops the lists of the most popular and has been in trend for years. Lucia celebrates her saint on December 13 and her origin is Latin.

Mary: is one of the most popular girl names. You can go alone or accompanied by another. It is even common in children since it is added as a compound (Jose María). The name of Mary is of Hebrew origin, and means "the chosen one", "the one loved by God". It is the most popular Christian feminine name for being the name of the mother of Jesus.

Martina: is a girl's name that has been in trend in recent years. Its masculine formula is very popular: Martín. Its origin is Latin and its meaning is "consecrated to Mars", and it comes from Mars, the god of war. Martina celebrates her birthday on January 30.

Julia: A very beautiful name with a long tradition. Its origin is Latin and means "with strong roots" or "the one that belongs to the Julia family". It celebrates its name day on July 15 and is a very international name since we find it in other western countries such as Julie, Juliet, Juliana, Julieta or Jullienne.

Paula: a very pretty girl name whose origin is Latin. It comes from paulus, which means "small, weak" and its masculine form is Pablo. The saints record several saints with the name of Paula so there are several possible dates to celebrate the saint. A girl's name that swells the lists of the most popular.

Daniela: Daniel is the masculine version of this name and for many years it was more frequent. However, today it is one of the most popular names for girls and has seen a boom in popularity. It comes from Latin, from din and El (Elhoim), which means "God is my judge."

Carlaa very nice name of German origin which comes from karl and means "strong, courageous". Its masculine variant is Carlos, also one of the most popular names for boys. The name Carla is very typical in Italy and began to become very popular in Spain and Latin America from the 70's. Carla is a very elegant and sophisticated name.

Sunrise: the meaning of this beautiful name is "dawn", it is the first light of day and rebirth. It is a relatively new name, as a name. In recent years it has become one of the names that is on trend, in part because some celebrities gave their daughters this name. Alba celebrates her name day on August 15, the date on which Nuestra Señora del Alba and the Virgen del Alba are celebrated.

Valentina: a very popular girl's name especially in its masculine version: Valentine is the patron saint of lovers who celebrate their birthday on February 14. Its origin is Latin and comes from valens which means "brave, from the family of the Valentines". A lovely name for a girl with a big heart.

Sofia: a beautiful girl's name that is on trend. It is of Greek origin and comes from sophia which means "wisdom". A name that has been used by European royalty and is well known for Hagia Sophia, a 2nd century martyr who is worshiped in the beautiful Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. A name with other variants like Sophie or Zosia in Polish.

Do not miss this video in which we tell you several ideas on which you can base yourself to choose the name of your daughter.

They are international names that are spelled and sound the same in different languages. If you want a bilingual name for your child, choose the one you like the most from this list. They are girl names that you can use in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Olivia: a name for girls of very international Latin origin and means 'the one who protects peace'.

Julia: it is one of the most popular girl names, a very international name of Latin origin Juliana.

Gabriela: it is the feminine formula of the name of Hebrew origin Gabriel and it means 'He who has divine strength'.

Amelia: it is of German origin, it means 'work'.

Victory: a girl's name of Latin origin.

Valeria: name of Latin origin and means 'brave, healthy'.

- Sun: it is a name of Latin origin and means 'one that shines like the sun'. A lovely name for girls who are born in summer.

Sea: It is a feminine name of Latin origin very summery that means 'the lady of the sea'.

Thalia: It is a name of Greek origin that means 'that flourishes'. A very spring name.

Rose: It is a name of Latin origin that means "she who is beautiful like a rose." Ideal for girls born in spring.

Camellia: It is the winter flower par excellence since it is the season in which it blooms.

Dahlia: It is a flower of Mexican origin considered by some to be the most beautiful flower of autumn.

There are mothers and fathers who make lists of names for girls and discard until they finally stay with the one the couple likes. Others choose a name for the newborn that has been important to them because it was carried by a loved one. And some choose from the lists of the most popular. In them there are names like Ximena, María Fernanda, Guadalupe, Mía, Noa, Melanie, Nicole, Chloe, Zoe, Adriana, Ana María ...

Take note of these other girl names that are also catching on:

Alba, Marta and Candela. And if you still want any more clues, search these special lists that has developed to help you:

- German names: find in this list of German names the perfect name for your baby.

- Arabic names: they are names with great sonority and a long tradition, very beautiful girl names.

- Catalan Names: a series of names for parents who want to maintain the tradition and give their baby a Catalan name.

- French names: choose the name of French origin that you like the most, sophisticated and very "chic" girl names.

- Galician names: if you want a name of Galician origin for your daughter, look for it in this list of names.

- Greek names: they are names that have a long tradition, hundreds of years of history and very original meanings.

- English names: Anglo-Saxon girl names so that your baby has a very international name.

- Italian names: they are names, generally of Latin tradition and that sound perfect in Spanish.

- Basque names: Basque girl names have become very popular in recent years.

- Christian Names of Saints: Biblical names for girls, ideal for parents who want a Catholic name for their daughter.

- Santoral or Onomástica: discover which day is the saint of the name you have chosen for your baby.

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