10 tips for the child to adapt to a new school

10 tips for the child to adapt to a new school

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Change schools it can be a stressful episode for the child. Fears of new companions, of change, or of new norms are common in children and can often be harm their school performance, that's why these tips for the child to adapt to a new school they can come in handy.

A new school is a challenge for the little ones to overcome, and their adaptation to the center will be, more or less quickly, in child character function and your personal circumstances. Thats why he dialogue between parents and children must be fluid and constant, especially during the days before and the first days of school, since this way we can know their fears and adaptation problems, influence their qualities and support in weak points of each child.

At all times you have to make him feel that the change of school is something positive for him, and transmit tranquility and security.

In we leave you ten tips for your children to start their new school With good feet:

1. Take him to know his school a few days before. Show him his facilities, his classes and the bathroom! Not getting lost in the corridors in front of colleagues will make you feel safer.

2. Introduce him to his teachers before classes start whenever you can. There are times when this is not possible, but meeting them earlier will make you feel more empathetic to your teacher.

3. Get up-to-date with the school rules and explain them to the child. This is an important point if we do not want the child to do something that they have to scold him for on the first day of school and he does not want to go back to school.

4. Try adapt your schedules before starting the course so you don't experience too many changes at first. Sleep well and not sleepy in class.

5. Hang up the calendar and class schedule on the child's wall so that he knows at all times everything that is going to come the next day and does not feel lost.

6. Do not create false expectations. You must give him a positive message at all times, but do not create false expectations because later, if they are not met, he may be disappointed very quickly.

7. Buy the school supplies together to get involved and start with enthusiasm.

8. Take it and collect it personally during the first days to give you security.

9. If it is small, you can bring your favorite stuffed animal.

10. Let him express your emotions the first days of school. Talk to him and without overwhelming him, let him express his opinions, wishes, fears so that you can support him and give him peace of mind.

What the child adjusts to a new school it will be a matter of time. Be patient with him and convey love and security to him.

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