The gestures that children inherit from their parents

The gestures that children inherit from their parents

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When a child is born, many of the questions asked have to do with the similar from the newcomer to the family. Furthermore, parents themselves always try to see themselves reflected both physically and psychically in children.

The resemblance is pure biology, but for many parents it is something important on an emotional level, especially in that inheritance that has to do with behavior.

Although the physical characteristics they are inherited by DNA, children can also have psychic traits from their parents in their personality. The character can be passed from parents to children, since in a very high percentage, this is conditioned by the genetic origin.

However, it is obvious that each person develops their own personality through stimulation and their own life experiences, as well as the education they receive. But there is always that percentage that is given to us biologically from our parents. That is why we can have gestures so similar to yours.

- Tics
That a child inherits his mother's mania for touching his hair, or his father's habitual gesture of moving his hands constantly when he speaks can be given by his own genetic load.

- Body skills
Arching a single eyebrow or being able to spread your toes; moving your ears or sticking your tongue out in a circular fashion are just some examples. Body skills, flexibility, and even gait are inherited.

- Facial expressions
Facial expressions are innate. The way of looking, the expression of concern or the smile. All of this is hereditary.

A child can have certain behaviors, a similar character and even agree in tastes with their parents, but it is also true that gestures can be learned based on seeing them throughout their life.

The close relationship and coexistence with the parents also causes similar aspects to be acquired with their parents. For example, the way of speaking and modulating the voice or typical expressions of their parents that will surely pass to their children in a few years.

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