Walking through the city. Poem to educate children

Walking through the city. Poem to educate children

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Children do not understand the danger of crossing the street without looking, running after the ball on a road or not respecting the color of the traffic light. We are the parents, who are responsible for teaching them basic rules of road safety, so that they can go safely on the street.

We suggest that you transmit this teaching through a poem to educate children: Walking through the city. You can learn this rhyming poetry by heart and recite it every time you have to cross the street. A great way to learn in a fun way.

When you arrive at a traffic light with your child, remember this short children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría and recite it to your child to remind them of how important it is to learn the rules of road safety.

If the traffic light is red

I always have to wait

and when it turns green

I never cross without looking.

And although we are older

we must be careful,

because many cars pass

and look both ways.

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