Trick to multiply numbers close to 100. Math games for children

Trick to multiply numbers close to 100. Math games for children

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Who said math is difficult? You can help your child lose their fear of numbers with math games like this one. We teach you to multiply figures close to 100, that is, high numbers.

First you will see how it is done with the traditional method, and then we will explain how to do it in a more enjoyable and fun way. Discover the trick to multiply numbers close to 100 and teach it to your children.

1. Imagine they ask us multiply 96 x 98. The classic way to do it would be like this: put 96 and under 98, and begin to multiply the numbers ... The final result ?: 9,408 But this way we are going to take a long time, right?

2. Pay attention to the trick to multiply numbers close to 100: Write down your multiplication like this: 96 x 98 ... now write up how much each number needs to reach 100. In this case it is 4 and in this case, 2.

3. Now what you have to do is cross-subtract any of these figures from the large number. That is, you could subtract 2 from 96, and it gives you 94. And look how curious, that if you subtract 98 from the other figure, the number that it has crossed, the 4, it does not matter to you ... 94! It looks like magic, right? Therefore, you only need to do this operation with one of the two numbers. You write down 94 as the first part of the final result.

4. And how do we find out the rest? Multiplying the two numbers we noted above: in this case, you multiply 4 x 2, and the result is 8. But since the result of the second part must have two digits, we put 08 instead of 8. The final result is therefore 9408.

5. If you want, we do it with another figure (which must always be greater than 90 and less than 100), for example: 95 x 98.

6. From 95 to 100 they go 5, so we write down a 5. And from 98 to 100 they go 2, so next to it we put a 2. We take 2 from 95 and it gives us 93. That is the first number of our result.

7. To calculate the second number, we multiply 5 x 2. It gives us 10. We put it behind our first result and at the end we have the number 9,310

How about? It is a fun math trick that you can have a good time with and by the way, leave more than one jaw dropping!

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