Legend of the dreamcatcher. American legend for kids

Legend of the dreamcatcher. American legend for kids

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We show you one american legend for kids that tells us about the origin of dream catchers and the meaning that is given to them. The legend of the dreamcatcher is a story about a woman and her mission as protector of the inhabitants of the earth, who achieves her mission through a beautiful woven object in the form of a spider web.

A very interesting story for children that will encourage them to be more interested in children's literature and above all, it will awaken their curiosity to know cultural stories belonging to different countries of the world. Do not miss it!

Legend has it that many, many years ago a woman named Asibikaashi had an important mission: to care for the inhabitants of the earth and protect them from all the evils of the world.

But you wonder, how did the woman manage to fulfill such a complicated mission? What she did was lean over the children's cribs and beds, and on their little heads he spun a web that caught between its threads all the evil that was on earth. The great cobweb held firmly all these evils until dawn came, at which point they completely vanished.

Later people began to move through North America, colonizing territories and dispersing more and more. For this reason the woman could no longer protect all the children, it became too complicated a task! This is how mothers and grandmothers began to weave magic webs that they had the super power of catch the bad dreams and nightmares of the little ones, resulting in your protection.

It is said that the Ojibwa Indians They were one of the first tribes to start making these dream catchers. The dreams passed through their webs, filtering and sliding the good ones through beautiful and shiny feathers, all this until they reached us. On the other hand, bad dreams stayed in the fabric, protecting children and helping them to have sweet dreams.

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