How to take a baby for a stroll in a stroller

How to take a baby for a stroll in a stroller

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It seems silly to question how a baby is walked in a stroller, but it is not.

Although it is not necessary to obtain a license or license to drive baby carriages, there are studies that reveal some tips that can guide parents on the best way to carry the stroller or stroller, and get some benefits from the walk with your baby.

There is nothing else pleasant for many parents than taking your baby in a stroller or stroller on the street. My husband and I took turns showing off our little girl. When she was still very baby, I think that little did she know what was going on around her. What I was facing the people I couldn't see their reactions.

When we stopped in a park and I looked at her, there I could observe how she reacted when the trees moved, and see the little face she made when she heard some loud and strange noise. And I was wondering why strollers carry babies with their backs to their parents. How many reactions of my daughter I have not been able to know...

After reading the results of a research carried out by psychologists at the University of Dundee, Scotland, as part of the "Talk to Your Baby" campaign, I felt supported in my concern. Studies reveal that strolling facing your parents in a stroller is extremely beneficial for baby. In addition to improving their development, it prevents the little ones from suffering Emotional problems and language.

Also, when babies are facing their parents, their life in the stroller is not boring nor stressful. In the research involving about 3,000 parents and babies, it was observed that the children who were facing the person pushing the cart were more likely to talk, laugh, and interact with their parents than those with their backs to them.

Parents who pushed strollers with their baby "face to face" talked more with their children, causing the babies' heart rates to drop and they, feeling more secure and relaxed, fell asleep.

That said, I think that car manufacturers as well as parents should pay more attention to the studies.

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