They have set up a bookstore. Children's song

They have set up a bookstore. Children's song

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In We show you the best songs with which children will develop their musical ear. This time we show you the letter of the children's song "they have set up a bookstore." A melody that will motivate the little ones to sing and dance to the beat of its happy rhythm.

Little ones can learn the lyrics of this song infantily practice it together with you. Give your children fun moments playing and learning through nursery rhymes.

They have put a bookstore

with very cheap books.

With very cheap books,

with a sign that says:

Here it is sold cheap,

here it is sold cheap.

Mother, give me the cape,

that I'm going to fight,

that I'm going to fight.

What have the bullfighters told me,

that the bull is going to catch me,

that the bull is going to catch me.

I'm not caught by the bull.

neither do the bullfighters;

neither do the bullfighters;

I like a girl

that has black eyes,

that has black eyes.

And you, how do you not have them,

I don't love you brunette,

I don't love you brunette.

And you, as if you have them,

brunette, I do love you,

brunette, I do love you.

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