First International Girls' Day

First International Girls' Day

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Why should girls have an International Day? The International or World Days remind us of a situation, in which the whole society must help to change it. They talk about diseases, disasters, poverty, social imbalances, injustices ... Sometimes they also proclaim themselves to celebrate something good and positive. But International Girls' Day It is a sad or happy day, what do you intend?

In light of the data, The three barriers that impede the development of girls are gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy and unequal access to opportunities. With the aim of changing this situation, in 2009, the NGO Plan International, with the support of the Government of Canada, launched a proposal to the United Nations for the creation of the International Day of Girls, responding to the situation of vulnerability suffered by millions of girls around the world and that makes them the poorest of the poor.

Thus, the International Day of Girls arises to draw attention to the vulnerability and plight of girls on almost the entire planet. Regarding violence, especially sexual violence, it is the one that affects girls and adolescents the most, since they are victims of 50 percent of sexual assaults that are committed in the world.

This situation leads them, on many occasions to pregnancy, a condition that distances them from education and plunges them even further into poverty. Worldwide, 70 percent of all people living in extreme poverty in the world are women.

Unequal access to opportunities is measured in education. Currently, there are 75 million girls who are not in school and, on the other hand, one in three girls does not manage to access secondary education. Perhaps it is for this reason that girls are doomed to be poorer. According to NGO Plan International, an additional year of secondary education increases a girl's potential income by 15 to 25 percent. And furthermore, it is precisely the lack of education that causes girls and adolescents to become pregnant at such an early age, since those who advance the most in their studies, later decide to have children.

As a girl, women also face an overload of work in the home and greater deficiencies in health and nutrition.

Marisol New.

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