Tricks to avoid sun spots in pregnancy

Tricks to avoid sun spots in pregnancy

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The sun spots They are harmful to the dermis in any situation, age or person, since direct exposure to sunlight for too many hours can be very harmful.

However, although we must all take care that these sun spots appear on the skin, they pregnant they must be even more careful, whether for aesthetics or beauty or just for health.

In We tell you some tricks to avoid sun spots in pregnancy.

The most important thing before you have to regret a stain Due to the exaggerated exposure to the sun, it is to protect ourselves from sunlight and not abuse it, especially in hours of maximum incidence of solar rays (between 12 and 16 hours). Although it is logical that natural light is beneficial for the body, it can also harm the dermis, which is always sensitive but increases its delicacy during pregnancy.

If the sun is going to hit us at a given moment for a long time, it is best to always wear a high protection sunscreen, so that the UVA radiation do not penetrate the skin and damage it.

Since many women also suffer from appearance of spots on the skin due to the hormonal changes themselves, trying to prevent more from appearing can come hand in hand with the right sunscreens and proper hygiene.

The key tips when avoiding Sun spots in pregnant women they are in line with facial and body protection in sun exposure. It is not about going covered from top to bottom, but about putting on a hat to prevent the sun from shining directly on our faces, for example, and not forgetting the umbrella if we go to the beach.

- Protects especially the face, because it is where more sun spots appear.

- We must also be attentive to type of creams we use. While the solar ones must have a high protection, with the moisturizers we have to be careful that they are not aggressive for the so delicate moment that the skin lives.

- It is necessary to choose those that are smooth and oil-free. Obviously you have to avoid tanning treatments, which will not only be harmful in itself at this time, but will also encourage that nothing that the sun sets on our skin, it burns or becomes a large stain.

- Y avoid highly perfumed creams. The perfume can react to the sun's rays and promote the appearance of spots.

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