10 French names for boys

10 French names for boys

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When choosing a baby's name, there is not always agreement between families. While some prefer a traditional nameOthers look for a more original name that suits the child's personality. And French names can be a good idea.

We have a list with 10 French names for boys. They are traditional names but they are original, renovated and with an elegant touch. Surely among the French names you will find the ideal name for your son.

1. Pascal. It is the French version of a name of Greek origin with a meaning that is related to the celebration of the 'Easter'. In this variant, the name gains in modernity and a more original touch is added.

2. Marcel. This name is one of the most beautiful French names for boys, although it has a Latin origin and a meaning related to the Roman god of war, 'Mars'. It gives off strength and personality and at the same time it is very elegant.

3. René. French tradition has popularized this name that has a Latin origin and a meaning of 'born again'. We like it because it is a simple name without fanfare that is fresh and original.

4. Pierre. This is the French variant of a well-known Latin origin name that means 'stone'. In this case, the traditional Pedro acquires a totally renewed touch and gains in personality.

5. Etienne. Although it does not have a French origin, this name embodies like no other the charm and sophistication of French names for boys. It is of Greek origin and means 'crowned', so we are facing the most attractive version of Esteban.

6. Paul. This is one of the most popular and traditional French names. It has a Latin origin and means 'little'. Although it is closer to us like Pablo, in this variant it is more elegant and attractive.

7. Armand. The name has a Germanic origin which means 'strong man', but we know it thanks to the French tradition where it is very popular. We like it for that seductive touch capable of reinforcing the personality of your child.

8. Roland. This typically French name actually has a Germanic origin and a meaning related to the 'glory'. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is a traditional name with a lot of personality that does not lose freshness over time.

9. Thierry. It is one of the few names of French origin and means 'ruler'. Besides being a very popular name, Thierry is one of those names with charisma that exudes strength, so it can be ideal for your child.

10. Christmas. This Christmas name is of French origin and means precisely 'Christmas'. It is attractive and sophisticated to such an extent that it is gaining positions in the lists of most wanted boy names.

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