La Befana. Christmas legend for children of Italian origin

La Befana. Christmas legend for children of Italian origin

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In Spain, three Wise Men bring gifts to all children each year on January 6. But not in all countries there is such a tradition. In Italy, for example, there is the witch Befana, a good witch who brings gifts to children for Christmas, just as the three Wise Men do in other parts of the world or Santa Claus in many other countries.

We tell you the legend of the Befana, a beautiful story to tell children at Christmas.

The legend of the Befana, which is very old, but very old, says that when the Magi took presents for the Child Jesus to Bethlehem, they got lost on the way. You know why? The Three Wise Men lost sight of the bright star that guided them for a moment, because very dark clouds hid its wake.

The Kings, desperate, they began to ask all the people they met on the way. First it was a shepherd, who could not answer. 'A star?', The shepherd asked surprised ... 'If with these clouds you don't see any!'

Walking the same path, the Three Kings they met a child, who also did not know how to answer their question. 'There was a very bright star high in the sky, but a while ago I stopped seeing it, and my parents never told me where that place you are looking is ... Bethlehem? ... He never took me with him to that place '...

The Three Wise Men continued asking different peasants of the place, but none could answer ... and just when they were about to lose hope, when they began to think that they were really lost and would not arrive in time to see the baby Jesus, they met an old woman with white hair and very dark clothes: La Befana.

The local children were afraid of him, and they even called her 'witch Befana', because she was always alone and walked with the help of an old broom along very long and mysterious roads.

Well, the old woman Befana was the only one who could tell the three Wise Men which way to go to Bethlehem, since the old Befana once managed to get to Bethlehem after so much walking.

To thank you for your help, the three wise men invited the old woman to continue the journey with them to Bethlehem, but she refused.

Later, the old Befana, regretting having missed the opportunity to see the newborn, went out in search of the Three Wise Men, but it was too late, and she couldn't find them. It was then that He decided to give a sweet to all the children who were on his way, with the hope that some of them were the Child Jesus.

Since then, all the children they receive at Christmas a surprise or sweet gift from the old woman Befana, in memory of the day in which the Child Jesus was born.

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