Santa Claus or Three Wise Men: what do your children prefer?

Santa Claus or Three Wise Men: what do your children prefer?

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When I was little, my sisters and I always we waited impatiently for the arrival of the Magi that were made to beg every Christmas, since the gifts did not arrive until the last day, January 6. We could hardly enjoy the toys before starting school again, and for this reason, now that I am a mother, we write to Santa Claus every year.

Thus, Santa Claus arrives on time in his sleigh on Christmas Eve and my children can entertain themselves with their gifts, as long as they have been good and they have behaved well, of course, during the two weeks that, in Spain, the Christmas school holidays last. In your case, Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men: What do your children prefer?

However, looking at the surveys, I have realized that we belong to a small group of families that have changed the tradition at home. Precisely, a survey carried out by the DYM institute shows that 77% of Spaniards still prefer gifts from the Three Kings, in front of a reduced 18 percent who prefer gifts from Santa Claus.

In Spain, children write their letter to the Kings and deliver it to the Magi from the East the day before, during the traditional Three Kings Parade, which is celebrated in all cities. The next day, a sweet known as Roscón de Reyes is consumed, which has an oval shape and contains a surprise in the form of a figurine, which brings luck to whoever gets it, and a bean, for which the roscón must be paid. Before sleeping, the children place their shoes in a row and the Kings put the gifts next to the corresponding shoe.

This tradition has been inherited in some Latin American countries and dates from the times of Francisco Pizarro, the founder of Lima, the capital of Peru. However, although it seems that in Peru this Latin tradition has fallen into disuse, in other countries on January 5 it is still alive and, although many families give their children gifts at Christmas, On Three Kings Day there are also gifts for children.

In Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Argentina and Puerto Rico the tradition of share the rosca or roscón, bread made with orange blossom and candied fruits, and the children cut fresh grass to put in a shoe box next to the water that they offer to the camels to recover from the long journey.

Between the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus, the important thing is being able to choose the most opportune family moment to keep the children's illusion alive of the house. After all, they are the protagonists of Christmas. And you, what do you prefer Magi or Santa Claus?

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