How to teach children to drive and save money

How to teach children to drive and save money

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In a society as consumerist as the one we live in it is very important that children learn, from a very young age, to value what they have and to know the limits of the expenses. How to do it? Well, teaching them to manage money, to manage expenses and to know what value each thing has.

When I talk about the value of each thing, I am not only referring to the price of each toy, each item of clothing or each book, I also mean to the bills for the consumption of electricity, gas, water, the supermarket, etc. Everything has a price and a value. For children everything seems to fall from the sky. You just have to look at his letters to the Magi, or the lists of gifts for the birthday or for the first communion. It is important that we implement a management plan so that children learn how to control themselves, and not waste money. We give you some tips on how to teach children to drive and save money.

Children they can and should learn how to contribute to contain expenses from a very small age. With so many advertisements in the media, it seems difficult, but not impossible. Some psychologists suggest that parentsto teach children to manage and save money, To value it in short, that they invest some money for them in the long term, and that they manage a weekly pay or some extra bonus.

Psychologists and educators believe that children who know how to manage income and expenses are better prepared for the future.There are many ways to teach children to manage money and expenses:

1. Through board games, like "Monopoly" or "Trivial".

2. Explaining to your children the difference between value and price, between need and expense.

3. Teaching him that everything is achieved with effort. Making the bed, putting away clothes, toys, doing homework, etc., is a must. But if your child does some extra chore, like taking down the trash, vacuuming the inside of the car, helping to store groceries, or hanging clothes, it would be a good opportunity for you to offer him a small amount of money for each service.

4. Teach your child to save by creating goals to do so. Give him a piggy bank so that he can save money to go to the movies with his friends, to buy an ice cream, or a book, a toy or some highly desired sneakers.

5. It is important that both parents and uncles and grandparents agree on how much to give the child.

6. Give your child examples. Educate yourself on expenses.

7. Teach your child that it is worth not spending on unnecessary things. Better to reduce expenses to get what you really need.

8. Don't forget to reward your son when he manages to save. The spirits will boost your effort.

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