Trick or Treating. Halloween poetry for kids

Trick or Treating. Halloween poetry for kids

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Trick-or-treat, trick or treat, trick-or-treat, is a Halloween activity in which children go through their neighborhood houses in disguise, asking for sweets with the phrase "¿dulce? or trick? "," sweet or mischief "," trick or treat? " or "can I have my skull?"

This poem, Trick or Treat, tells in a fun way the characters that we can find on Halloween night: zombies, spiders, vampires and ghosts. A funny halloween poetry for kids for children to recite while asking for candy around the house.

The dead have awakened.

surrounded by mystery,

have come out of their graves

and adorn the cemetery.

Zombies spread their arms

giving great screams,

and the owls and vampires

they leave their nests empty.

For the shadows to play

they have lit the candles.

They weave giant spiders,

long shreds of cloth.

And when the full moon rises

with the most dancing zombies,

worms squirm

and the mice jump.

And the children ask for sweets

while having a good time,

decorating pumpkins,

and yelling, "Trick or treat!"

I hope you like it.

A hugging kiss.

Happy Halloween!

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