The fundamental rights of the most violated children

The fundamental rights of the most violated children

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Despite the advances, today fundamental rights of children continue to be violated. And not only in the poorest countries, but also in developed countries.

It is no longer just about children who work, children who cannot go to school and even children who die of hunger. It is also about violence, sexual abuse, bullying and mistreatment within the home. Javier Urra, a psychologist specialized in childhood and adolescence, tells us which are the fundamental rights of the most violated children today.

Today children's rights continue to be violated throughout the world. The main ones are these:

- Prostitution: trafficking in women.

- Child soldiers: children who are forced to fight in a war or armed guerrilla.

- Children who are forced to work and they shorten life, because they work with toxic materials or work in high-risk trades, like those mines where only the body of a child enters.

Childhood abuse exists because children are believed to be happy. And because many people try to prevent this type of abuse from being seen.

In rich and cultured countries, abuse focuses on:

- Child pornography, pederasty.

- Abuse within the family: From those who mistreat because they do not love their child, or those who are drug addicts and put drugs before their children, those who depend on their circumstances, educate their child with shouts and in an unstable way ... to parents who overprotect their children . They avoid all kinds of suffering and strain on your child and it does him no good. Or those parents who constantly say to their children: 'You are worth nothing'.

- Other types of abuse: There is another type of child abuse that has not yet been sufficiently legislated. For example: surrogacy, the so-called surrogate bellies. Does a child who is born have the right to know his parents? Who are your grandparents? Does it make sense for someone to pay someone else if there is a financial payment for another woman to get pregnant and give her the child? That is, there is more abuse in childhood in principle than it might seem.

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