12 tips for taking care of children's feet

12 tips for taking care of children's feet

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We are used to taking care of our body and preventing any disease, but do we pay the same attention to all parts of the body?

The feet, as a fundamental and most important part of our body, since they are the ones that sustain us, are the eternally forgotten, since we do not carry out the daily care they need. But do we really know how to do it? Here we present the dodecalogue for foot care. Here are the 12 tips for taking care of children's feet.

The feet are often the forgotten ones and yet they support the entire weight of the body throughout the day. We must take care of and pamper the health of our feet. We offer you 12 fantastic tips for taking care of your children's feet:

1. Wash your feet daily with water and neutral soap, paying special attention between the fingers.

2. Dry the foot well after washing it, without forgetting, of course, to also dry the space between the toes, and always with a different towel than the rest of the cerpus.

3. When choosing when to cut your nails, do it after the shower, since we will make the nails softer and it will be much easier for us to cut them.

4. How should we cut the nails? Make a straight cut using the right materials, and never pluck your nails. If in doubt, go to a qualified professional.

5. We must not share scissors neither from parents to children, nor between brothers. Scissors are personal. We will avoid any possible contagion.

6. We must change our socks every day being the cotton ones the most recommended.

7. You can't share your footwear or use someone else's; you can be infected with fungi and not even realize it!

8. Don't wear the same footwear for everything: When you do sports, wear appropriate footwear for the sport you do. Do not use the same sports for daily use.

9. You can walk barefoot By controlled terrain, in fact it is highly recommended at growing ages because it favors its development. Being very careful that your child does not nail anything!

10. When you take your children to the pool or to any public place put special interest in them wearing flip flops. It is a good breeding ground for fungi and other critters.

11. It is possible that your children have a great physical activity, so they should use breathable footwear, comfortable and with noble materials such as leather. Avoid plastic shoes that make your feet sweat a lot.

12. Pay attention to your child's feet, monitoring the temperature, color, hardness and wounds, blisters, reddened areas; they are synonymous with something wrong.

And remember: if you see something strange about your child's feet, go to the podiatrist. He is the one who can best help and advise you.

Source: Unit of Podopediatrics University Clinic of Podiatry University of Extremadura (UEX)

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