The Pirli parrot. Modern fable for children

The Pirli parrot. Modern fable for children

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The Pirli Parrot is a modern fable for children written by María O'Donnel.

In this fable we are taught the importance of keep the secrets of others and to ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes.

Teaching children moral values ​​is easy when they are done through fables. Little forest animals create complicated situations in which children can intervene by proposing their own solutions.

When the Pirli parrot He reached the forest and made friends easily. He always told amazing stories of the countries where he had been. The Barb hedgehog, the Rattlesnake squirrel and the Tragoncete bear used to sit in a circle to listen to it. But Pirli had two major flaws: he talked too much and didn't know how to keep a secret.

One day Pirli learned that Cascabel had collected many provisions for the winter: walnuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, acorns and mushrooms. He found it very funny to tell someone.

The next day, when Pirli was in the pine where Rattlesnake had her treasures, a magpie that he did not know landed next to him.

- Hello Magpie- said Pirli. - Do you want me to tell you a secret?

- Of course! - She said. - Tell me!

- In this pine there are many fruits hidden so that my friend, rattlesnake squirrel pass the winter.

- How interesting! - Said the unknown magpie.

And Pirli left happy because someone had paid attention to her.

The magpie when left alone took the opportunity to sneak into the pine and eat all the groceries.

When Cascabel returned home he saw that his pantry was empty.

- Who was it? - wondered in tears the squirrel.

Then Pirli confessed to Cascabel that she had told her secret to an unknown magpie. Pirli realized her mistake, asked for forgiveness to the squirrel and helped her collect all the fruits again.

Moral: Do not speak without thinking or you can harm someone.

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